By establishing Quality Plans we can see where sub-contract elements may exist and ensure that they are controlled to the same degree as the prime supplier. Witness Testing, Document Review and Pre-Shipment Inspection are regularly carried out at suppliers, warehouses. We will use your specifications, international standards or our own inspection methods to ensure that what you buy is correct and that commodities are of a known quantity and acceptable quality


All inspection relies on the integrity, experience and training of the Engineers in the field. Tecno ensures that all its staff are competent to undertake the work required of them and provides the necessary training to maintain high standards and control. Field personnel are provided with Inspectors Handbook providing detailed instructions on the key aspects involved in the execution of the assigned activities. When clients and/or specific project needs dictate then specific project instructions are drawn up and distributed to personnel assigned to these projects.


TECNO and all personnel employed by TECNO are dedicated to providing the best possible service to their clients. A crucial element of this is obviously reporting, this must be as precise as possible to enable our clients to fully understand what is happening to their order. All available tools / methods are utilised to relay this information to clients as clearly as possible. Digital imagery is used where allowed to enhance the report content. Reports can be prepared on our own report forms or on report formats provide by clients, all latest soft and hardware is available to ensure that all formats can be processed.