When capital expenditure projects are undertaken, the need to have clear lines of communication with suppliers and confidence in the suppliers interpretation of your orders and needs is paramount. Not simply order progressing or chasing, our Expediting service is pro-active, anticipating problems and delays through the review of supplier documentation and analysis of work and working with the supplier to achieve a satisfactory solution.


Supplier relationships are most important and potentially fragile. TECNO have been visiting the majority of the world’s suppliers of electrical and mechanical equipment as well as structural steel and piping for years. As a result of this we can act on a clients behalf in full confidence that relationships will be enhanced by the process and not damaged. We can ensure orders are given the highest priority, are manufactured to required and agreed standards and are delivered on time to a pre-determined schedule.


The purpose of this technical-inspective action is to ensure that the established production program is respected and the contractual delivery date is maintained by the manufacturer. The expediting activity is carried out at the supplier workshop in order to check and expedite the various steps: engineering, material sub-supply, production, certification, shipment. The frequency of the visits is agreed with the client on the base of their job requirements and depending on the verified reliability of the supplier