It offers a broad range of industry related services designed to assist the clients in meeting their objectives in terms of management, quality, quantity specification, cost and delivery. These services include activities of technical consulting, inspections, expediting, supplier qualification, besides site Q.A./ Q.C. services in the petrochemical, Oil & Gas and power generator fields. We can ensure timely and highly qualified actions in Italy, Europe and outside Europe through a capillary organisation of technicians available in the most important industrial areas.


TECNO was founded in 1997 as an Independent Service Organization and it has rapidly become one of the leading provider of Inspection, Expediting and Quality Management Services to the industry worldwide. Since it’s establishment, TECNO has proved a dynamic company, able to combine a fresh approach to the industry, implementing all the advantages modern technology has to offer, with old fashioned attitudes to quality. TECNO has soon gained an extensive experience in providing their clients with the ability to respond to all their quality needs throughout the world, with the highest possibly standards of services and integrity. As a result, the company has been operating for years with the major engineering and operators companies predominantly on Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Industry, and its success is still growing.


Vendor Inspection and Source Third Party Inspection, services includes: Steelwork, Materials & Welding, Castings, Forgings, Piping and Fittings, Pipe and Plate Mill, Valves, Vessels, Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Columns, Reactors, Rotating Equipment, Compressors, Motors, Pumps, Machinery, Electrical and Instrumentation Equipment, Insulation, Painting & Coating.Specialist Oil and Gas Equipment.