Specialist Oil Gas Equipment
•Blow out preventers
•Wellhead control systems
•Subsea completion units
•Oil & das tubular goods
•Downhole tools and equipment

Components for Nuclear Systems
•Reactor pressure vessels
•Steam generators

Electrical System & instrumentation
•Switch gear
•Control panels
•Computer and micro processor systems
•Electro mechanical systems

Fabrication and Assemblies
•Skid mounted units
•Structural steelwork


Radiography can be performed in-house or at your site as required. X-ray with portable CP units allowing critical examination in confined areas & halfwave units are available up to 300 kv for thicker components. Gamma radiography using Iridium 192 or Ytterbium 169 can be provided for more general work on site or in-house, sited and mobile darkrooms with manual or automatic processing can be provided for an ‘on site’ result. All of our operators are qualified to PCN level II or CSWIP level I, & are approved to radiation ‘Supervisor level’.


Welding procedures & welder approvals in accordance with British, American & European standards can be carried out together with mechanical & chemical analysis if required, to ensure that welds & welders meet the British standards asked of them.


MT Magnetic particle inspections can be performed in-house or at your site as required. In-house capabilities include bench units to 2000 amps, current & mag flow, rigid & flexible coil & prod units, yokes & permanent magnets using fluorescent UV or white light.


Dye Penetrant PT Dye Penetrant Inspection can be carried out in-house or at your site as required using visible red or fluorescent UV dye, from small welded components to large vessels.


A survey can be carried out on all types of metallic materials, & readings in all the major values, on site or in-house.


Investigations on service & test failures can also be undertaken & reported on with recommendations offered to prevent reoccurrence.